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Cookies and privacy policy


I hate it when websites fill my phone and computer with little bits of code that I didn't ask for and don't see how they help me with a "tailored" or "enhanced" user experience.

So, I won't do it to you. No cookies.


I won't track you or trace you or collect any user metadata (whatever that is). I won't sell your details to e-marketeers or Russian hackers or Indian spammers or anyone else. I'll leave you be if you leave me be.

If you do pick up the phone or text or email me, it's probably because you want me to talk to you. I'm happy to do that and I'll keep your contact details until we've said what we need to say to each other.

If you get me to do some work for you, I'll obviously need to keep your details for a bit but, if you don't want me to come back to you after I've finished, I won't. No hard sell, no bother.

Simple as, really.

Please check out my range of services or contact me for more information or a free initial consultation.

Thank you!